About Us

The CVCDCS was incorporated as a Non-Profit Society in 1970. All parents that register their children in one of our centres are members of the society. As such, our parents are encouraged to provide support by attending our AGM in September, and if inclined, provide support to the society as a member of our Board of Directors. Our Volunteer parent-run board makes the decisions for our society following our own constitution, the Societies Act, and working directly with our Unionized ECE employees. We are proud and delighted that our society has provided quality child care in the Comox Valley for over 40 years!


We believe that as educators, our job is the inspire an interest in learning that the children can carry on with them throughout their lives. We acheive this by providing experiences, asking questions, and supporting children in their quest for knowledge.


The Goal of our centres is to provide a safe and healthy environment for children to learn, experience and thrive in. With the guidance of our ECE trained staff, the children will advance at their own pace, and are supported as they explore the world.


At the CVCDCS, the focus of our centres is to create the foundations to ensure that the transition to kindergarten will be a positive experience for children and families. We support children’s social interactions and facilitate the development of self-help skills. Through play, we foster both collaboration and the expression of ideas to nourish body, mind and soul.